Cupcake molds that are a good way to remember…

…where it goes if you don’t eat right haha

Of course it doesn’t apply if you use clean recipes to fill them 😉

I haven’t felt that way for a while =)

Today I did my best run and I felt good achieving it!


I was so close to the 10K without knowing it!!!
And actually I did that by chance haha. I usually run 45min but when I was about to finish, my ipod played a song I liked so I said to myself that I would run until the song ended.
It was a medley (Macross Frontier medley for the curious) so I knew it was kinda long but then… I forgot the song lasted over 12min!!!
When I sync my Nike+ I was surprised that I improved my pace. I was kinda happy about it!
I think this morning was really positive for my mood and spirit in general. Like you know I was kinda depressed lately because I couldn’t lose the extra 3kg I got from US.
When I think about it, running must be one of my ultimate challenges lately: doing what I hate the most and actually getting good at it is kind of a big deal =)

This is very positive, it means that I overcomed another challenge in my life. It’s a mundane thing but still very encouraging because out of the context, it means I can go beyond my fear/hatred to improve myself. I can not say I “like” running now but I want to see how far I can go!
Next week goal will be 10K for sure! *motivation raising*

Also I broke up with Myfitnesspal haha.
As I said few posts ago I started to have a really stressing relationship with counting calories…
I gave up on tracking precisely all my food for the 3 last weeks and it’s ok since I know by eye how my meals should look like. I have to admit I feel way much better! Those last 6 months tracking my food was still useful tho, I learned a lot about portion control and composing a balanced meal and snack. I just don’t want to stress out about my food anymore. This lifestyle should makes me healthier AND happier not more stressed!

Time for some foodporn!!











Indulging myself with this huge pizza haha but actually I couldn’t eat the whole thing…

And to finish this entry, some selfies =p
They say lift heavy so ok…





Ballet Abs workout that is not only for ballerina =)


This is the very first abs circuit I did when I started to do circuits!
I always do 2 rounds with just 1min break between the rounds and I do all the exercises one after the other without break. This basic version should be done in 15-18min I think.
Now I improved it with more reps and 1min for planks. I do it in 18-20min.

It says “ballet” but trust me this is not just for the ladies! Guys would suffer from it as much as we do haha =D

If you need inspiration for your workout go check this site

Run Forest RUN!!!!!

What the h…?? I start running ?!


I guess this is a new step for me in the fit world…
It has been 3 weeks now that I started to run on the top of my weight lifting routine and so far it’s not that bad.
I wouldn’t say I am thrilled every time I go for a run but I can not say I hate it anymore.

I started slowly to test myself out since I had no idea what I would be capable of.
I didn’t know my pace
I didn’t know my stamina
I didn’t know if I wouldn’t die of boredom after 15min (which happened to me every time I tried to run on the treadmill)

But my friends were right, running outdoor and running at the gym is totally different.
So the first time I ran 4.5K in 30mn and I was kinda proud of myself that I could handle it.


I was proud …and super hungry that day haha


And then the next time I found my rhythm and achieve 5K in 30min.

I didn’t know what it meant until my friends explained to me that my stats were actually not bad at all for someone who never run…
And then it was the trigger.
I remember when I started wushu, my teacher told me the same thing, that I was doing good for someone who just started.
I took it as a challenge and I guess this time again I am taking running as a challenge now.
It’s kinda a big deal to me when you know how much I hated the idea of running.

Going against my comfort zone and actually trying to be good at it.
Isn’t it one of the ultimate challenge?


I am now running 45min by session and I’m not gonna lie it’s freaking hard, specially in summer time when it’s so hot!!
I’m using Nike+ to keep in touch with my friends around the world and stay motivated but to be true, I’m my biggest challenger and it’s the only thing that really matter.


I don’t care much about beating my friends, what makes me proud is to go through all the pain, no giving up and hearing my ipod says “Congratulations, your work out is now over!”
They are like small victories over my weakness.
I am aiming for my first 10K and I am gonna work hard to achieve it =)



Adjusting, keeping going…

So this is a little summary of my food intake for the 2 last weeks.




















Like I said I did my best to be in the range of 1200kcal/day, split in 3 meals and 2 snacks. I still try to eat 80-90g of proteins a day as well.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard.
1200kcal is not that much but when I eat more I feel bad… Which is stupid because I used to eat 1500-1600kcal and I was fitter than now =/
I read a lot of articles about fitness and nutrition since I am using the app Flipboard on my Ipad. And I read something interesting about how stress release cortisol and increase the abdominal fat…
Since clean eating didn’t show too much of progress I assume that there must be something else that I do wrong.
And maybe stressing out about calories and fat is THE problem. Like an infernal circle you know…
So I am gonna try to fix that.
First I am gonna try to put myfitnesspal away for a bit and listen to my body more.
Then I’ll try to move my body differently so maybe I’ll trigger something.
Believe it or not, this sunday morning I went for a run!!  And actually I was kinda proud I did since I hate running…
But as a reminder I also said a long time ago I would never work out at a gym so I guess it was just a matter of time =p